We have expertise in the following areas, as both discrete and interrelated fields:

  • language pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and evaluation
  • literacy education
  • bilingual and multilingual education
  • language and technologically mediated communication
  • intercultural understanding and communication in the workplace
  • language policy and planning
  • sociology of languages and multilingualism
  • multiculturalism, mobility and transnational identities
  • applied, general and theoretical linguistics

As well as broader research interests in a much wider range of languages and cultures, we have specific expertise in the most widely taught languages in Australia:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Focus areas

The research of the RCLC draws on various fields of linguistics to address questions relating to:

Living in a linguistically and culturally diverse world

Healthy, safe, sustainable and just communities depend on participation by all members in linguistic and cultural diversity. Our research sheds light on the ways in which languages and cultures shape and influence contemporary life.

Working in a linguistically and culturally diverse world

An understanding of language and culture is fundamental to the contemporary world of work in interactions between colleagues, co-workers and clients. Our research investigates and enhances professional communication in local and global contexts.

Learning and teaching languages and cultures in a diverse world

Participation in a global society requires an expanded linguistic and cultural repertoire. In this context, education needs to prepare people to communicate across languages and cultures. Our research aims to improve the teaching and learning of all languages.

Examining the structure and use of languages in a diverse world

Using linguistics to investigate real world contexts requires a sound understanding of language structures and language use and the interrelationship of language and culture. Our research investigates a diverse range of languages used in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.