Future-focused research with real world applications

UniSA’s Wearable Computer Lab, launched in 1998, contributes to founding work in the areas of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality systems. The lab specialises in a diverse range of supporting technologies including e-textiles, input devices, visualisation methods and human-computer interaction (HCI) techniques. These technologies have been applied in a diverse range of areas and we collaborate with industrial designers, defence, health and more to understand how these technologies will be used in our future societies.

Meet Professor Bruce Thomas, Director of the Wearable Computer Lab

"I get into these discussions with people who don't understand the concept of scientists and they say 'scientists think they know all the answers', and I like saying 'no, if you talk to any scientist, the whole point of science is that they don't know any'. Once all the questions have been answered then there's no more science." 

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