The future of integrated human-computer technology

With the rising importance of sensor systems in the digital age, we are investigating different ways of obtaining and analysing relevant data. Sensor systems encompass not only devices and algorithms, but also technologies required in sensing applications, including remote sensing, surveillance systems and dedicated sensor platforms and networks. We are exploring the means by which sensor data is obtained, then securely and effectively transported, post-processed and used to make decisions. 

We perform research and support decision making in a broad range of advanced topics including: 

  •     UAV and robotic systems
  •     statistical signal processing
  •     sensing, control, and machine intelligence
  •     systems engineering
  •     defence and aerospace technologies. 

Sensor systems is the future of integrated human-computer technology

Professor Javaan Chahl, Leader of the Sensor Systems Lab explains how researchers in his lab are integrating technology into everyday decisions and processes, allowing us to capture data non-invasively and react to it faster than humans can, allowing us to make critical decisions in seconds.

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Sensor Systems Members


Academic Staff

Postgraduate Students

  • Ziyue Jin
  • Nicholas Kaliszewski
  • Fatema-Tuz-Zohra Khanam
  • Yong Lee
  • Alex Lefik
  • John McGuire
  • Blake McIvor
  • Tran Xuan Bach Nguyen
  • Titilayo Ogunwa
  • Ioan Porumb
  • Samuel Teague
  • Yiting Tao