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The Human Centred Design group is focused on developing and implementing methods and practices for the design of objects, environments and systems for human use. It has a design and active focus on developing projects in collaboration with people via cycles of prototyping and evaluation. 

We work with industry and clients to develop and implement human centred design processes and methods so we can create, prototype and develop new products, systems and environments to meet the needs of the end users.

Our focus

  • We are focused on working with industry and researchers to investigate, develop, trial and implement products and environments that improve people’s experiences.
  • Trans-disciplinary and collaborative approaches for working in conjunction with allied professionals such as psychologists, ergonomists and engineers.
  • Collaboration with other discipline areas, such as health, to develop a human centred understanding of problems and the development of solutions.
  • Design synthesis methods to integrate a wide range of factors to develop and implement products for human use to provide a unique and valuable contribution to the design of technology for human use.

Our projects



Studio for Complex Human Environment Design

SCHED is a multidisciplinary design studio developing processes, methods and knowledge to design and develop complex human environments focused on the human factors of the product or environment. 

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Putting people at the centre of the design process

Dr Peter Schumacher, Leader of the Human Centred Design Group within IVE, explains human-centred design and how this research is being applied to developing complex confined human environments for high-intensity activities.

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