Supporting research projects at the nexus of the creative arts, design and human computer interaction

The Creative Computing Studio - CCS - features multi-modal interaction facilities including motion capture and tracking, gesture recognition, voice recognition.  CSS also hosts systems for virtual reality, augmented reality and full-body industry standard motion-capture. 

In addition, we are also a founding partner of the Collaborative Embodied Movement Design Network, a project supported in part through the Australian Research Council's Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities fund, including research partners in Australia and internationally.

Our partners have developed a national collaborative network of arts/technology researchers, enabling them to work together to optimise the quality of these systems from an embodied perspective creating innovation possibilities for industry, commerce, education, health care and the arts


  • Interactive creative arts (interactive performance environments, interactive installations, virtual reality applications)
  • Online and virtual pedagogy
  • Collaborative research
  • Computer gaming and multi-person communications

Creative Computing Studio Specifications

Our facility is comprised of a 67 square metre dedicated area for human computer interaction. Features include:

  • 2 six core i7 PCs with NVidia GTX970 video cards with 65-inch SONY 3D UHD LED video displays and 3D glasses
  • 1 PC dedicated to Optitrack motion capture system
  • 12 camera Optitrack motion capture rig with Motive: Body software
  • 2 Microsoft Kinect motion tracking units
  • 2 Oculus Rift virtual reality head mounted displays
  • 2 Epson HD 3D video projectors with 3D glasses
  • 1 Canon 6D camera with programmable Gigapan head and tripod for high definition three dimensional photography
  • Quadraphonic Rokit 6 surround-sound system with Behringer mixer
  • Wii 3D pointers
  • Razr Hydra 3D multi-user interaction unit
  • High-end mobile computing
  • Microsoft Hololens

The Creative Computing Studio is fully networked for live-streaming between local and remote systems.