Our research themes

Industrial Application and Immersive Technologies

We explore the application of immersive technologies to solve challenging problems specific to industrial situations. Our aim is to develop solutions that enhance both the experience and performance of individuals and groups in their day to day workplace activities.

Enhancing Medical, Health and Wellbeing

We investigate the application of augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies in enhancing the delivery of medical and health related services. We also explore how these same technologies can be applied to improve the wellness of individuals be that through enhancing widely regarded therapies, the development of new therapies or creating environments that improve an individual's wellness.   

Transformative Human Centred Design & Interaction

We explore the interaction of humans and technology through the window of design considering elements such as aesthetics, function, usability and social significance into the development of new products and services leading to their healthy adoption. We also undertake research in wearable computers and the embedding of electronic devices into textiles and clothing for next generation E-Suits.

Digital Societal, Urban and Creative Cultures

We investigate the application of computational and simulation systems across the disciplines of architecture, construction, urban and regional planning, and the role of immersive technologies in the conservation of cultural heritage. We explore the transformative potential of digital technologies in art, architecture, planning and design and how these technologies transformed culture and their implications for our future.

Our research groups

Move over GI Jane, meet AI Clive

Meet Clive, the first university-owned quadruped in South Australia who will help advance research in multiple areas, including virtual and augmented reality at the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments (IVE).

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