Director: Professor Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is the Director of the Future Industries Institute (FII). Peter was appointed as one of UniSAs inaugural "Industry Professors" in January 2015. This was in recognition of his extensive research engagement with private industry at a local, national and international level.

He joined UniSA in October 2003, initially as a member of the Ian Wark Research Institute. He was one of the first staff to join the former Mawson Institute in 2007, and has subsequently built a research group of around 25 staff and students, all funded entirely through external research grants. His research encompasses the engineering of surfaces via the application of thin film coatings, and extends to applications in the optical, automotive, defence, mining and renewable energy industry sectors. He has been a co-inventer on several patents, and has published over 50 research publications over the past 8 years (including Nature Materials - Jan 2014).

Since joining UniSA, he has been a chief investigator on several succesful grant applications (ARC, CRC and various state government grants) totalling more than $20 million dollars. He is a Director of Heliostat-SA, a start up company operating in the advanced manufacturing sector,of which UniSA is an equity shareholder.

Prior to joining UniSA, Peter spent 10 years working for SOLA International Holdings Ltd, at the time, one of the world's largest manufacturers of plastic ophthalmic and sun lenses. Working in the global R and D centre based in Adelaide, he worked on several international projects involving European / North American collaborators.

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