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Professor Ian Gwilt Professor Ian Gwilt

March 5 2019

Enterprising Research Talk: Designing Health

Positive change can happen when designers collaborate with care professionals and the community.

Enterprising Research talk: Designing Health

There is a growing trend of collaborative healthcare projects that involve designers working with care providers to help create better services, products, and experiences for patients.

Join Professor Ian Gwilt for a discussion about the role that design and new technologies such as augmented reality can play within a broader societal context of people’s health and wellbeing.

Professor Gwilt will share his knowledge and experience in using co-design workshops and innovative design strategies in health and wellbeing and lead a panel of experts who will explore how design and creativity is helping to shape healthy futures.

Panel speakers:
Paul Lambert, Executive Director Operations, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Michelle Cripps, Director, Centre for Creative Health, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Kristin Carson-Chahhoud, Associate Professor, UniSA’s Centre for Precision Health, Translational Medicine and Technology Group