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Professor Tarl Prow Professor Tarl Prow

11 April 2018

Detecting Skin Cancer

How microbiopsy technology can sample skin for molecular analysis without anesthetics or scarring.

Enterprising Research talk: Detecting Skin Cancer

Two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. Current diagnostic tests for skin cancer often leave the patients with scars in cosmetically sensitive areas like the head and face.

Professor Tarl Prow and his team developed a small needle device that can collect skin samples more easily than the traditional biopsy. This minimally invasive diagnostic device takes skin samples with a quick, painless click of a microneedle and leads to earlier detection of skin cancer, less surgery, and more frequent testing.

Professor Tarl Prow and Lynette Hunt, CEO of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia (SCCA), discuss the journey of this new testing device from invention to the clinic.