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Professor Nicholas Procter Professor Nicholas Procter

30 May 2017

Mental Health

A person-centred approach to mental health and suicide prevention.

Enterprising Partnerships talk: Professor Nicholas Procter

Watch this video to hear from Professor Nicholas Procter, Chair of Mental Health Nursing and leader of the Mental Health and Substance Use Research Group at the Sansom Institute of Health Research, about the importance of human connectedness and kindness in nursing, mental health and suicide prevention.

Many people who are living with a mental health condition and the people who care for them can feel isolated and alone. Professor Procter discusses the work he and his colleagues are doing to deepen connections between consumers, carers and practitioners, and how important it is to educate the new generation of nursing professionals to deliver person-centred care with kindness and compassion.

Professor Procter’s talk is followed by a panel discussion with local and national leaders: