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Professor Fiona Arney Professor Fiona Arney

17 August 2016

Child Protection

Reducing child abuse and neglect.

Why child-focussed reform offers the greatest promise in child protection

Enterprising Partnerships talk: Professor Fiona Arney

Professor Fiona Arney, Director of the Australian Centre for Child Protection and Chair of Child Protection discusses ways in which Australia can lead child protection reform internationally.

Following the release of the findings from the South Australian Child Protection Systems Royal Commission, this timely talk explores why more than 40 Australian child protection inquiries over the past decade have failed to address the problem of child abuse and neglect. Having evaluated more than 50 system and practice innovations for vulnerable children over the past 20 years, Professor Arney delves into the key message of how paying attention to the needs of children, and developing smart systems based on those needs, can better support highly effective policy and program implementation in this field.