About this scholarship

Two PhD scholarships are available at the University of South Australia (UniSA) for joint projects between UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences and UniSA STEM .

Both Schools provide an exciting, vibrant and world-class research and education supported by excellent research infrastructure and intellectual environment. The strength of our scientists lies in the application of fundamental science to develop knowledge-based technologies that will increase functionality and provide intelligent solutions for tomorrow's high added value industries and medical treatments. Rapid advances and convergence in areas such as materials science, nano-biotechnology, biomaterials and tissue engineering, sensor technology and advanced computing, leading to new products and production processes will radically change the scope of manufacturing in Australia. Through a multidisciplinary approach, our scientists work on research questions of international significance and address major questions across discipline boundaries.

The PhD projects will focus on understanding the immunological response to biomaterials in the context of delivery of vaccines and drug therapies. The projects will tackle grand challenges faced in the modern healthcare and pharmaceutical industry associated with demand for new technics for delivery of vaccines and pharmaceuticals which have greater efficacy. These PhD project will address these needs by developing urgently needed, innovative solutions that are scalable, reproducible, reliable and cost effective.


These 2 scholarships are available to domestic and international research degree students.

The applicants should have completed Honours or MSc Degree and have academic background in one or more of the following Material Science, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Inflation or related disciplines.


Funding amount is the standard Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) rate per annum.

The duration of the scholarship is three years.

Application and closing date

There is no closing date. The scholarships will remain open for application until filled.

Interested candidates should submit their CV, cover letter and academic transcripts to Associate Professor Krasimir Vasilev at krasimir.vasilev@unisa.edu.au and Associate Professor John Hayball at john.hayball@unisa.edu.au.