Healthy, safe and thriving businesses and organisations can have a significant positive impact on the people and economy of South Australia. A safe and healthy workplace leads to greater productivity outcomes, fewer work‑related injuries and illnesses, and improved health and wellbeing outcomes for workers. Good, safe and meaningful work is a positive contributor to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all South Australians including workers, their families and communities.

What is a healthy workplace?

In a healthy, safe and thriving workplace, people feel good about working and can perform at their best.

A healthy workplace is one where workers and managers collaborate to continually improve the health, safety and wellbeing of all workers and by doing this, sustain the productivity of the business (World Health Organisation, 2009).

A healthy working environment is characterised by one in which there is not only an absence of harmful conditions (that can cause injury and illness) but an abundance of health-promoting ones (World Health Organisation, 2010).

A successful healthy workplace program has the following characteristics:

  • committed leadership that supports and invests in a healthy workplace
  • involvement and engagement of workers in the program
  • is tailored to the workplace to address specific needs and priority areas
  • focuses on both physical and mental health, safety and wellbeing
  • has a culture of care – a strong people focus where people feel cared for beyond just getting the job done
  • becomes the way business is done – is integrated and sustainable
  • work is a positive contributor to health

The members of the Collaborative Partnership for Workplace Health and Wellbeing in South Australia are committed to working collaboratively towards improving workplace health, safety and wellbeing across South Australia.

Many of the Collaborative Partnership members provide free services and support to help South Australian businesses create healthy, safe and thriving workplaces.

Wellbeing SA Logo

Wellbeing SA has a long-term vision to create a balanced health and wellbeing system that supports improved physical, mental and social wellbeing for all South Australians.

Our online resources provide the information and tools you need to create a healthy workplace – from needs assessment and engagement to implementation and monitoring/review.

SafeWork SA Logo

SafeWork SA is committed to safe workplaces for all South Australians by providing free information, support and advice to improve workplace safety for everyone.

You can request a visit from our advisory service who can provide practical advice based on your workplace's industry, size, risk and complexity.

Return to Work SA Logo

ReturnToWorkSA provides insurance that protects South Australian businesses and their workers in the event of a work injury.

Our specialised mentally healthy workplaces consultant can help you to identify and reduce risk factors to mental health in your workplace and work with you to provide practical support, advice and resources.

Our return to work coordinator support service provides tailored advice to help coordinators successfully perform the role within their business.

Department for Innovation and Skills logo

The Department for Innovation and Skills is responsible for supporting South Australia’s future economy, creating prosperity and opportunity for the people that choose to live and work in our State.

Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment logo

Led by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment works collaboratively to develop an innovative, responsive and inclusive public sector that benefits all South Australians.

Business SA

Business SA ensures employers achieve fair outcomes on industrial relations matters.

We offer a range of services, products, advice and training to help businesses get on with the job and reach their potential, including in export markets. Our events provide excellent networking opportunities, with Business SA’s membership stretching across every sector of commerce and industry.

SA Unions logo

SA Unions is the peak trade union council for South Australia representing more than 160,000 union members in industries right across the State.

Our role is to promote the economic and social interests of working people and their families.

Self Insurers of South Australia Logo

Self Insurers of South Australia (SISA) is recognised as the sole representative organisation for self insured employers. It provides its member organisations with assistance and support in their interactions with the Return to Work scheme and promotes best practice in the prevention and management of workplace injuries.


University of South Australia

The University of South Australia’s Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX) gives organisations the knowledge to empower them to achieve excellence in organisational productivity and employee wellbeing.