Our Students

Sadikalmahdi Abdella (PhD) uses 3D printing technology to develop patient-centric dosage forms with the aim of enhancing precision medicine.

Souha Youssef (PhD) is an international student, focusing on the development of localized drug-eluting implants for the treatment of cancer using 3D printing techniques.

Sangseo Kim (PhD) is a registered pharmacist, developing 3D-printed topical patches for local delivery of chemotherapy for the treatment of skin cancer.

Fatima Abid (PhD) is an International student. she is developing novel topical formulations for resistant skin infections. She is also exploring drug discovery for resistant acne and the role of pH in infectious wound healing.

Pivian Sim (PhD) completed BPharm Sci and honours and is evaluating the role of pH in wound regeneration, with the ultimate aim of developing novel therapeutics for rapid healing.

Mohammad Arafat (PhD) is an international student, designing non-vascular stent as the vehicle for delivering drugs for colon cancer.

Fouladian Paris (PhD) is developing a novel stent-based drug delivery system for oesophageal cancer. She is exploring 3D printing along with other approaches.

Candace Minhthu Day (PhD) joined Prof Garg’s team for her Honours degree after completing BPharmSci. She is designing intelligent release-on-demand drug-loaded-nanosystems for breast cancer targeting.

Hanif Haidari (PhD) is continuing from medical science and honours. He is using a multidisciplinary approach working alongside nanomaterials and regenerative medicine to develop novel wound healing preparations.

Sophia Ward (PhD) is enrolled with the University of Adelaide in Animal and Veterinary Sciences. She is developing a controlled release hormone formulation for sow induction in the pork industry.

Ruixui Li is the first student under the Joint BPharm/Master by Research program between University of South Australia and Shandong university in China.