Research Groups

Drug Discovery and Development

Dedicated towards the discovery and development of new drugs for a range of therapeutic applications, particularly cancer.

Mechanism in Cell Biology and Diseases

Focused on medical research relating to the endocytic network (endosomes and lysosomes) and its critical role in cell function.

Experimental Therapeutics

Aimed at improving cancer diagnosis and treatment by exploring novel immunotherapeutic approaches to treat cancer, as well as other chronic and acute...

Bone Growth and Repair

Explores the mechanisms and regulation of children’s bone growth and bone growth defects to develop biological treatments.

Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development

Delivers excellence in translational research and training focused on clinical product development in areas such as novel anti-cancer drug delivery systems,...

Nanostructure and Drug Delivery

Focused on the use of pharmaceutical science and nanomedicine approaches to provide drug delivery solutions to challenging therapeutic molecules, and to...

Bioinorganic Synthesis and Imaging

Advancing knowledge in biology and improving health, by synthesising fluorescent and luminescent molecules and developing improved filtration devices. Our...