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Towards appropriate care and improved patient outcomes

With more than $180 billion spent in the Australian health sector each year, it is important that Australians receive the right health care at the right time.  In recent years, we have shown that Australian adults and children are offered appropriate care only about half the time, and that one in ten hospital admissions is associated with harm caused by healthcare processes rather than an underlying disease or injury.

Under the leadership of Professor William Runciman, the Patient Safety Group (PSG) works closely with researchers from the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (Macquarie University), Australian Patient Safety Foundation, World Health Organization, and a number of professional bodies and consumer organisations. 

Established at the University of South Australia in 2009, PSG conducts research to improve patients getting the right care at the right time, safely. Our research involves applying research methods to measure the appropriateness of healthcare, adverse events and harms; developing and testing the effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving healthcare quality; and engaging with consumers to understand their perspectives about the healthcare they receive. If you would like to find out more about our work or wish to collaborate, please contact Professor Bill Runciman.