Advancing knowledge in biology and improving health, by synthesising fluorescent and luminescent molecules and developing improved filtration devices. Our group is especially focused on developing theranostic agents for cancer and metabolic diseases.

  • lightbulb Our mission minus-thin plus-thin
    • Engineer novel particle based biomaterials with specific biological activity and their application to solve biopharmaceutical challenges
    • Determine mechanisms for bioactivity through advanced colloidal, interfacial and biophysical analyses
    • Develop drug delivery solutions to address unmet clinical needs
    • Deliver Challenging Therapeutic Molecules (both small molecular drugs and biologics) – For Better Medicines
    • Eradicate Bacterial Biofilms
    • Optimise Biotech and Pharmaceutical Formulation, Processing and Manufacture.
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    Our interdisciplinary research involves using synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry to develop new fluorescent and luminescent molecules whose interactions (lipid binding) or function (anticancer, antimicrobial activity) within the cell is characterised using a variety of advanced imaging techniques. We also leverage our expertise in chemistry and the understanding of small molecular interactions to deliver innovative solutions to water remediation that eliminate the presence of cancer-causing chemicals in water. We work directly with industry partners to develop new compounds and generate solutions for industry. The groups research activities can be classified into 4 main areas:

    1. Developing long-lived stable luminescent molecules capable of targeting, tracking and/or reporting on events in live cells and in high throughput screening applications
    2. Designing molecules capable of theranostic activity through introduction of luminescent metals
    3. Exploring new classes of antimicrobials to help in the fight of resistance
    4. Improving water quality through advanced materials.
  • books-library-folders Our research output minus-thin plus-thin
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  • handshake-business-team Collaborations minus-thin plus-thin

    Our research team collaborates across a range of national and international institutions, and we have very strong links with industry:

    Academic Collaborators

    • Professor Janna Morrison, University of South Australia
    • Professor Peter Hoffman, University of South Australia
    • Professor Peter Lay, University of Sydney
    • Associate Professor Massimilio Massi, Curtin University
    • Associate Professor Hugh Harris,Curtin University
    • Dr Justin Chalker, Flinders University
    • Dr Stefano Stagni, University of Bologna
    • Dr Xun Li, Shandong University

    Industry Partners

    • Mr Geoff Thomas, ReZolve Scientific, a successful spin out company from UniSA with A/Prof Plush as co-founder
    • Mr Steve May, Puratap CEO


Sally Plush
Associate Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences
P5-28, City East Campus

HDR students

  • Samuel Nitschke
  • Daniel Pincher