The complex systems stream focuses on understanding change from the systems view. Systems view, where parts of complex adaptive systems interact producing unexpected dynamics, can describe cognitive, socio-emotional, and meta-cognitive processes, but also learning in groups, socio-technical networks, within and across institutions. This strand of work represents, analyses, and models diverse complex adaptive systems, to provide recommendations for policies and systems change.

Project List:

Corporate Learning Analytics


Through the Corporate Learning Analytics project, C3L examines what technologies are available for learning and development at the enterprise, what data are available to corporate leaders, and how they are using it for capability development. The project targets two distinct groups of businesses: SMEs that comprise a larger part of the economy and require to be agile to adapt to digitization processes; large corporations with resources and a wide range of tools available to their employees.  



  • Review of grey literature and analysis of 80 analytics-based technologies available for learning and development in the corporate sector. The research resulted in an official report funded for the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), Singapore. 
  • Submission of a large grant to the Workforce Development Applied Research Fund (WDARF) targeting corporate learning analytics in small and medium enterprise 
  • Interviews with Chief Learning Officers of international corporations. Preliminary analysis of the data is to be disseminated at the Corporate Practitioner Track of the International Conference. 

Contact Person: Professor Maarten De Laat [website] [email]

Covid-19 Scholar Peer Hub - The Geneva Learning Foundation


The Geneva Learning Foundation (TGLF) is a Swiss non-profit with the mission to develop, trial, and scale up new ways to lead change to tackle the challenges that threaten our societies. To provide support to immunisation professionals, TGLF is starting a new COVID-19 focused programme, supporting immunisation professionals as they reshape programmes in response to the global pandemic  C3L is working in partnership with TGLF to evaluate the programme's effectiveness and contribute to ongoing decision-making and understanding of the effectiveness of workforce training programmes on public health outcomes. To provide a comprehensive analysis of the programme, the research team developed an extensive dashboard to track and monitor Scholar's learning progress in the course that together paint a picture of the knowledge creation and spread within the learner network, and also the impact of such exchanges on immunisation programme performance. 

To learn more, follow the link to the UniSA press release. 

Contact Person: Dr Vitomir Kovanovic [website] [email]

Other Projects:

  • Complexity leadership (contact: Professor Shane Dawson) [email]
  • Adoption of educational innovation and practices (contact: Professor George Siemens) [email]
  • Modelling complex systems (contact: Dr Sasha Poquet) [email]