Lisa-Angelique Lim Photo

Lisa-Angelique Lim

Lisa is a PhD student at The University of South Australia. Her research interest is in the impact of technological innovations on student learning. Currently, her dissertation aims to investigate how students make sense of feedback from student-facing learning analytics reporting systems, as well as the effect of such systems on academic emotions and self-regulated learning. Having had extensive experience as an academic developer, Lisa enjoys working closely with academic staff at the University to identify effective ways to implement learning analytics-based systems in their own teaching contexts.


Andrew Zamecnik

Andrew Zamecnik Photo

Andrew Zamecnik is an Honours student in UniSA STEM at the University of South Australia, with prospects of undertaking a PhD of Computer Science in the Learning Analytics field. For his Honours topic, he is currently applying a combination of innovative mathematical and programming expertise in order to connect and understand the different personas of Online UniSA students that will be state-of-the-art. Once through to his PhD, he aims to continue his research in order to deliver knowledge for teaching domain experts where wisdom can be drawn to support student groups that are battling through their study with an injection of systematic support actions.


Abhinava Barthakur Photo

Abhinava Barthakur

Abhinava Barthakur is a PhD student at the University of South Australia. With a background in data science, his research focuses on making data-driven decisions to enhance online learning. More specifically, his thesis will investigate the different types of learning approaches adopted within the MOOC domain and study how these learning behaviour change with intervention.


Cynthia Jones

Cynthia Jones Photo

Cynthia is a PhD student at the University of South Australia. She has backgrounds in Mental Health Nursing, School Counselling, and Teaching and Learning with primary, middle and senior school learners. She has wide-ranging experience as a school teacher and a school leader for over two decades in Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia. Cynthia believes that being academically smart [hard/technical skills] is not sufficient for personal and organisational success in our automated and globalised world. Her research interests are on collective efficacy, school leadership, migrant workers and relationship skills. Cynthia’s current thesis purposes to figure out how school conversations can be shifted towards the development of human-connection skills [soft skills] in secondary school learners.


Sandy Maranna Photo

Sandy Maranna

Sandy is a commencing PhD candidate at The University of South Australia. Her background is in medicine and she is a teaching academic in the Medical Sonography program. Her research interests are online learning, self-regulated learning and use of learning analytics to measure impact. Her proposed research project is ‘Developing cross-disciplinary essential skills using learning analytic methods in students across health disciplines’.