The Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory

The Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory aims to extend our understanding and perception of human performance, sleep, fatigue and behaviour.

We demonstrate and promote the importance of sleep across all phases of development, from fetal health to late life, through studies conducted in our world-class lab. Humans sleep for approximately one-third of their lives, yet sleep is frequently absent from discussions about physical and psychological healthcare. We contribute to the evidence base, and champion “life’s forgotten third” on health and safety agendas.

The lab uses psychophysiological measures such as electroencephalograph (EEG); circadian markers such as salivary and plasma melatonin and cortisol; cardio-metabolic indicators, including blood glucose and insulin levels; and performance measures such as cognitive and behavioural tests. 

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Our focus

  • Human performance, sleep, fatigue and behaviour
  • Chrono-nutrition
  • Countermeasures: naps, caffeine, diet
  • Team performance 
  • Tracking and monitoring fatigue