21 May 2024

IMG_8357.JPGACCP Deputy Director, Practice, Amanda Paton was recently invited by Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs, Psychology Division, as part of the National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism (NCPR) Youth Sexual Offending (YSO) Project Team, to deliver a bespoke masterclass program to Singaporean professionals working across government and non-government agencies in areas relating to children such as child protective services, health, education, policing, and justice.

Over three days, Amanda provided interactive workshops and masterclasses including:

Introduction to Harmful Sexual Behaviours

Understanding Child Abuse and Trauma

Understanding and responding to Harmful Sexual Behaviours in therapeutic settings

The masterclasses drew on practice examples from the clinical and forensic space, providing additional insights on how these issues present across a range of systems.

In addition to the masterclasses, Amanda participated in a series of consultations with various Singaporean Ministries and their agencies including the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, the Ministry of Education, and the National Committee on Prevention of Rehabilitation and Recidivism.

"It was a privilege to be invited by the Ministry of Home Affairs to share the ACCP's understanding of Harmful Sexual Behaviours and the recent, significant work we have been doing in this space," said Amanda. "Sharing of best practice, knowledge, and frameworks across borders serves children and young people in both countries by improving statutory and therapeutic responses."



Photos from the Singapore Masterclasses