The Applied Chemistry and Translational Biomaterials (ACTB) Group at the University of South Australia work at the interface between fundamental chemistry and polymer science to develop innovative solutions to challenges facing modern medicine and the environment. Underpinned by our expertise in biomaterials, our research spans across a diverse range of applications, including the development of advanced drug delivery systems for an array of diseases (such as cancer and osteoporosis), 3D-bioprinting technologies, and protection of native wildlife. To develop end-user informed solutions for these interdisciplinary research challenges, we work closely with national and international collaborators from both industry and academia, including Carina Biotech, Vetter Pharma, and Ecological Horizons.

Our people

Dr. Todd Gillam
Postdoctoral Researcher
Kyle Brewer
PhD Candidate
Sarah Otto
PhD Candidate
Jie (Juliet) Yan
PhD Candidate
Kirsten Platts
PhD Candidate
Ashlyn Austin
Honours Student

Contact us

Applied Chemistry and Translational Biomaterials

Location Hetzel Building (H5-08), City East Campus, University of South Australia, SA 5001