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Which outcome measures best predict falls in a geriatric population and what is their validity/reliability/specificity/sensitivity?

Hofheinz, M & Mibs, M 2016, ‘The prognostic validity of the timed up and go test with a dual task for predicting the risk of falls in the elderly’, Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, vol. 2, pp. 1-5.

How effective are square stepping exercises on balance and agility in the older adult

Miorelli, G & Nelson, M 2016, ‘The Effects of Square-Stepping Exercise on Risk of Falling and Balance in Senior Adults’, pp. 1-18.

What is the role of aging and physical activity and its interface with balance and cognition?

Sebastião, E, de Melo Coelho, F, Nascimento, C, de Andrade, L, Pereira, J & Gobbi, S 2017, ‘The walking ability in health older adults: The role of aging and physical activity and its interface with Agility, Balance, Cognition, and Risk of Falls’, In Locomotion and Posture in Older Adults, pp. 73-90.

What is the effectiveness of whole body vibration training on reducing the risk of fall among community dwelling older adults?

Yang, F, King, G, Dillion, L & Su, X 2015, 'Controlled whole body vibration training reduces risk of falls among community-dwelling older adults', Journal of Biomechanics. vol. 48, pp. 3206-3212.

Is a supervised exercise program better than an unsupervised program in improving the balance of older people who have experienced a fall?

Kao, C, Chen, L, Chern, C, Hsu, L, Chen, C & Hwang, S 2010 ‘Rehabilitation outcome in home-based versus supervised exercise programs for chronically dizzy patients’, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, vol. 51, pp. 264–267.

How does the use of a Wii improved balance issues in over 60yo? 

Nitz, J, Kuys, S, Isles, R, & Fu, S 2010, ‘Is the Wii Fit™ a new-generation tool for improving balance, health and well-being? A pilot study’, Climacteric, vol. 13, pp. 487-491.

What is the effectiveness of a collaborative occupational therapy and nursing approach to falls prevention in hospital patients?

Brandis, S 1999, ‘A Collaborative Occupational Therapy and Nursing Approach to Falls Prevention in Hospital Inpatients’, Journal of Qualitative Clinical Practice, vol 19, pp. 215-220.


General Health

Clinical ScenarioDiscipline
Is there an association between dysphagia and mortality in nursing home residents?

Wirth, R, Pourhassan, M, Streicher, M, Hiesmayr, M, Schindler, K, Sieber, C & Volkert, D 2018, ‘The impact of dysphagia on mortality of nursing home residents: Results from the nutritionDay project’, Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, vol. 19, no. 9, pp. 775–778.

What is the evidence for nutritional interventions for frail community dwellers?

Denison, H, Cooper, C, Sayer, A & Robinson, S 2015, 'Prevention and optimal management of sarcopenia: a review of combined exercise and nutrition interventions to improve muscle outcomes in older people', Clinical Interventions in Aging, vol. 10, pp. 859.

What are the short-term & long-term effects of sub-optimal sleep patterns on cognition, in older adults living in the community?

Lim, A, Kowgier, M, Yu, L, Buchman, A & Bennett, D 2013, ‘Sleep Fragmentation and the Risk of Incident Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline in Older Persons’, Sleepvol. 36, no. 7, pp. 1027-1032.

How does hoarding impact on the safety of people over the age of 65 living in the community?

Chapin, R, Sergeant, J, Landry, S, Koenig, T, Leiste, M, & Reynolds, K 2010 ‘Hoarding cases involving older adults: The transition from a private matter to the public sector’, Journal of Gerontological Social Work, vol. 53, no. 8, pp. 723-742.

Is home follow up effective in reducing the risk of hospital readmission for elderly people?

Linertova, Ba Econ, R, Garcia-Perez, L, Ramon Vazquez-Diaz, J, Lorenzo-Riera, A, & Sarria-Santamera, A 2010, ‘Interventions to reduce hospital readmissions in the elderly: in-hospital or home care. A systematic review’, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, pp.1-9.

Does the administration of a frailty scale in community dwelling older people assist in determining length of service or type/intensity of service required?

Gobbens, R, van Assen, M, Luijkx, K, & Schols, J 2012 ‘The Predictive Validity of the Tilburg Frailty Indicator: Disability, Health Care Utilization, and Quality of Life in a Population at Risk’, The Gerontologist, pp. 1-13.

What are the impacts of an extended period of hospitalisation, the associated de-conditioning and ill health, on the cognitive capacities of the older person (pre-admission having no cognitive issues) and implications on their return home to live safely and independently in the community?

Ehlenbach, W, Hough, C, Crane, P, Haneuse, S, Carson, S, Curtis, J, & Larson, E 2010, ‘Association between acute care and critical illness hospitalisation and cognitive function in older adults’, JAMA, vol. 303, no. 8, pp.763-770.

What does the evidence show about has gardening as an activity been used to bring older persons living in the community together to promoting healthy ageing & to build supportive communities?

Chen,T, & Janke, M 2012 , ‘Gardening as a potential activity to reduce falls in older adults’, Journal of aging and physical activity, vol. 20, pp.1-31.


Mental Health

Clinical ScenarioDiscipline
What are the cognitive benefits of working in small groups for people with dementia?

Leung, P, Orrell, M, Orgeta, V 2015, 'Social support group interventions in people with dementia and mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review of the literature', International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, vol. 1, no. 30, pp. 1-9.

What is the reliability and validity of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) for people with cognitive decline?

Sweet, L, Van Adel, M, Metcalf, V, Wright, L, Harley, A, Leiva, R, & Taler, V 2011, ‘The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) in geriatric rehabilitation: psychometric properties and association with rehabilitation outcomes’, International Psychogeriatrics, vol. 23, pp. 1582-1591.

What evidence is there to support the use of alternative therapies in improving the cognition of clients with dementia or cognitive impairment?

Innes, KE, Selfe, TK, Brown, CJ, Rose, KM , & Heisterman, AT 2012, ‘The effects of meditation on perceived stress and related indices of psychological status and sympathetic activation in persons with Alzheimer’s disease and their care givers: A pilot study’, Evidence –based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, E-Pub Article ID 927509.

In individuals with advanced stage dementia does music therapy improve outcomes such as alertness, awareness, communication, quality of life etc?

Boughtwood, D, Shanley, C, Adams, J, et al. 2012 ‘Dementia information for culturally and linguistically diverse communities: sources, access and considerations for effective practice’, Australian Journal of Primary Health, vol. 18, pp.190-196.

What are the most effective occupational therapy cognitive assessments to use in an acute hospital setting for safe discharge planning?

Crennan, M, & MacRae, A 2010, ‘Occupational therapy discharge assessment of elderly patients from acute care hospitals’, Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 33-43.


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation 

Clinical ScenarioDiscipline
What is the effective dose (time and frequency) for a supervised home based exercise program?

Matsuda, PN, Shumway-Cook, A & Ciol, MA 2010, ‘The effects of a home-based exercise program on physical function in frail older adults’, Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, vol. 33, pp. 78-84.


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