As part of the Journal Clubs that are run at iCAHE, a large volume of Critical Appraisal Summaries (CA Summaries) of published literature are created. These are useful resources to all stakeholders and as such we provide a library of all summaries.

For each summary, iCAHE provides the citation details and methodological quality of the study identified to address the clinical question developed by the journal club.  Copyright issues preclude iCAHE from putting the full text of the critically appraised papers on the website.  The citations are provided so that clinicians can access the article from their own library sources.  These pages are regularly updated.

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iCAHE will continually update this compendium of critically appraised research publications as a resource for health services interested in implementing journal clubs within their health services.

CASP Tools

To interpret the iCAHE Journal Appraised Article summaries you will require the appropriate CASP tool:

  • CASP Randomised Controlled Trial tool 
  • CASP Systematic Review tool
  • CASP Cohort tool 
  • CASP Case Cohort tool 

The four CASP tools as are provided courtesy of Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust 2002. All rights reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust. If permission is given, then copies must include this statement together with the words Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust 2002. However, NHS organisations may reproduce or use the publication for non-commercial educational purposes provided the source is acknowledged.

Critical appraisal of publications

Searching of the database will retrieve the most relevant publication that has been appraised by the iCAHE working party or as a result of previous appraisal by a iCAHE journal club. The appraisal is available as free access to all users. Depending on copyright requirements, some abstracts and full texts of publications would also be available as external links.

Retrieving full text publications

Availability of full text publications will be dependent on copyright requirements. If the chosen publication is freely available, appropriate links to this effect will be provided. If, due to copyright requirements, the publication has limited access, contact details will be provided for South Australian public health sector employers directing them to appropriate library sources.

For more information on library services available to individual health care practitioners, please contact iCAHE journal club working party staffs.