Do little feet with little problems turn into bigger feet with bigger problems?

Foot development and posture concerns can be a source of worry for parents/carers and are often frequent reasons for people to seek professional advice. Whereas older feet can suffer from a multitude of complaints, most severely in the presence of chronic disease (e.g. diabetes). As health professionals we understand there are lots of gaps within the existing evidence which may hinder our abilities to intervene, quell parent/career concerns or manage severe foot complaints with any certainty. As the brainchild of Hayley Uden and Helen Banwell, Making Strides aims to bring together researchers working in this field to encourage collaboration, with the hope of streamlining how and what we investigate – ultimately allowing us to make strides in our knowledge and management of the developing foot and leg and those affected by chronic disease.

Our aim 

Making Strides aims to provide a platform for i) dissemination of research, ii) a supportive peer base of researchers at all levels of experience, and iii) showcasing future research projects and collaboration opportunities. As a one-stop-shop for all things, foot and leg development related, Making Strides membership is free and open to those that have an affiliation with UniSA or its staff (e.g. staff, students, adjuncts, co-authors etc.). Interested parties are encouraged to contact Helen Banwell or Hayley Uden directly.