Sicily - EBHC conference
Philippines - EBP conference
Melbourne - G-I-N conference (with workshop files)

Evidence Based Health Care Conference, Scicily 2013

Reporting the findings of the EBP training in the Philippines 

The Evidence Based Health Care (EBHC) conference in 2013 was held in Taormina, Sicily, from October 30-November 2. The conference is a biennial gathering of EBHC teachers and developers and provides venue for health professionals in the field to provide updates in EBHC and guide teachers in the best methods of teaching and integrating principles of EBP in health.  In the conference, the EBP training conducted in the Philippines was presented by Janine Margarita Dizon, as part of the plenary sessions.


EBP HC conference 2013


Theme group on building capacity in using research evidence in developing countries 

The EBHC conference did not only provide opportunities for updates in EBHC but also hosted important theme groups. One of the theme groups was “Building capacity to use research evidence in health care in developing countries” and was led by Janine Margarita Dizon, together with James Arthur Rice (from Management in Health Sciences, United States). The theme group focused on identifying issues and challenges of applying principles of EBP and proposed strategies relevant to challenges specific to developing countries. The outcome of the theme group was a draft manuscript of EBCH strategies for developing countries.

EBP HC conference 2013_2EBP HC conference 2013_3



National Conference on EBP in Philippines, Philippines 2014

As EBP is now considered an integral part of the health system globally, health professionals need to be trained in its principles and its application to education and practice in the manner relevant to them. The concept of EBP is very new in the Philippines and thus, there is a need to have a national meeting with key health professionals, to discuss and brainstorm strategies in order to integrate EBP activities in the system. A national conference on EBP in the Philippines is scheduled on February 15, 2014, with key speakers Prof Karen Grimmer and Dr Steve Milanese.

National Conference on EBP in the Philippines 2014


Guidelines International Network Conference, Melbourne 2014

The G-I-N (Guideline International Network) conference was held in Melbourne, Australia from the 20th to the 23rd of August 2014 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The conference is an annual event aimed at supporting evidence based health care by reducing variation around the world. This year’s event carried the theme ‘Creation and innovation: Guidelines in the digital age’.  Evidence based practice training was conducted by Professor Karen Grimmer, Dr Janine Dizon and Dr Bebet Gonzalez-Suarez focusing on the development process of the PARM Guideline adaption project (for more details see the PARM project page).

The following workshop files takes the reader through the “contextualisation” process the PARM group used to develop practical recommendations based on current evidence and relevant to specific conditions. 

Overall, the workshop objectives are for the participants to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the process and practicalities of contextualisation of international guidelines
  • Have a clear understanding of how to source and appraise existing international guidelines to be used as basis for contextualisation
  • Have knowledge of identifying patient journeys to map international guidelines with local practice
  • Have knowledge and skills to apply the contextualisation process in at least one condition relevant to them. 

G-I-N workshop files:


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