3. Find a supervisor

A supervisor is an academic staff member of a University who will work with you throughout your research degree.

In your online application, you are asked to provide the name of your proposed supervisor at UniSA. Whilst you can still apply without nominating a supervisor, it is preferable to identify a supervisor for your project. A supervisor or research degree coordinator may be able to offer help with your research topic or suggest a research topic that is already available within a research project that is currently being undertaken in a school.

If you intended area of research is in a business discipline please check the Business School Research Topics for a list of prearranged topics and supervisors. Please note that you can still choose to contact a different academic with a different research topic if you prefer.

How can I find a supervisor?

Search tips

Find a supervisor

Applicants for research professional doctorates must contact the program director before completing their application.

  1. Consider a UniSA academic you’ve worked with in the past or someone whose research you’ve read and whose expertise matches your area of interest
  2. Contact a research degree coordinator (or equivalent) in the relevant research area. This person can refer you to a potential supervisor/research project
  3. Contact the relevant School
  4. Search for supervisors by area of expertise in the ‘Find a supervisor’ search field above
  5. Use the research degree program directory to find out about research areas available and key research staff


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