Theme: Healthy Futures

Project Title

Antimicrobial resistance burden in migratory and resident bird species in the northern Adelaide coastal zone

Project Description

Antimicrobial resistance is designated by the World Health Organisation as a global health emergency and it isn’t only a problem for humans. Multidrug resistant pathogens also infect wildlife, livestock, and companion animals, and can be transmitted between different species. The burden of these infections adds an additional challenge to wildlife conservation efforts worldwide.

A scholarship opportunity exists for a PhD student to undertake research into the microbiome and resistance profiles of resident and migratory bird species in the northern Adelaide coastal zone. The Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park provides a key feeding and roosting site for tens of thousands of birds who migrate annually along the East-Asian Australasian flyway. Data will be collected to investigate correlations between local habitat and water quality and bird health. The role of birds in harboring and transporting antimicrobial resistant bacteria and genes to/from natural wetlands and human impacted habitats such as wastewater treatment lagoons will also be assessed. The project will have close links with SA Water and SA EPA.

UniSA is committed to research that aligns with society’s grand challenges by coordinating research across traditional boundaries into a thematic approach. The research aligns closely with UniSA’s research theme of Health Futures, supporting research to create a sustainable and healthier country for all Australians by addressing some of the nation’s most pressing challenges.


This scholarship is a thematically-badged living stipend for domestic students valued at $27,596 per annum.


Open to Australian and NZ citizens and permanent residents of Australia. Eligibility criteria for all PhDs can be found here.

How to apply

Contact Erica Donner in the first instance, and then Apply Online:


Phone: (08) 8302 3624