Flexible Radios and Networks

Simple, scalable and sustainable networks. Seamless interconnectivity for the user.

Wireless broadband, mobile phone and internet, broadcast television, remote sensing, environmental monitoring, public safety, emergency services coordination, defence communications and surveillance; different communications technologies and networks suit different applications. But the goal is the same: simple, scalable, and sustainable networks with seamless interconnectivity for the user.

The Flexible Radios and Networks sector focuses on advanced technologies and implementations to deliver flexible, adaptable operation, and improved user experience.

Our research and development includes:

  • cooperative communications
  • hybrid networks: fixed, mobile wireless, satellite and wire-line networks
  • network coding for routing and security
  • compression of distributed data
  • vehicle-to-vehicle, dedicated short-range communications
  • energy-efficient algorithms and architectures
  • cross-layer optimization
  • reconfigurable and software defined radio

The ITR has experts in various standards. We also work with and develop custom technologies and protocols.

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