High Speed Data Communications

New techniques for broadband transmission, either using radio frequency (RF) or free space optical (FSO) links.

While fibre-based links now provide most of our wired communications for fixed terminals, there is great demand for gigabit wireless communications either to mobile terminals or to remote areas with limited fibre infrastructure.

The provision of very high speed wireless transmission is a challenging problem due to requirements for small, low power terminals, the need to deal with frequency-selective channels and the limited availability of radio-frequency spectrum.

Examples of broadband wireless research and development at ITR include:

  • Gigabit millimetre-wave wireless local area networks. At 60 GHz, more than 5 GHz of ISM bandwidth is available for short range gigabit wireless systems. ITR has worked with other partners to design and test components of these next-generation WLAN systems
  • Higher resolution satellite imagery demands higher speed downlinks. ITR has developed a prototype gigabit ground station demodulator for earth-resource satellites and is assisting with the commercialisation of this product.
  • As we run out of RF bandwidth, FSO links offer an alternative method of realising gigabit links for satellite downlinks or terrestrial applications. Unfortunately FSO links are affected by atmospheric scintillation, in a similar fashion to fading on RF channels. ITR is applying novel signal processing and coding methods to dramatically improve the performance of FSO communications.

Each of these examples include original research, resulting in theses or academic papers, plus practical outcomes including patents and proof of concept or demonstration systems.

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