Safety and Quality in Health

Safety and Quality in Health

The Safety and Quality in Health research group is based at University of South Australia’s School of Nursing and Midwifery.  We contribute to the University’s Population Health, Practice and Policy theme specifically addressing the key priority of improving health systems and services.

Keeping safety and quality in health as a priority is important to everyone.  Group members are committed to enabling better outcomes for patients/consumers/residents ensuring they receive safer and better care each day, across all parts of our health, community and aged care sectors.  The importance of the group’s practice, outcomes and evaluation projects are in their relevance to people receiving services, clinicians, educators and decision makers. 

We represent diverse perspectives and have demonstrated capacity and success in all research methodologies.  Within our theme of safety and quality, some examples of the group’s research areas include:

  • Acute and critical care
  • Professional practice and workforce development
  • Younger onset dementia
  • Prevention and management of chronic conditions
  • Quality use of medicines
  • Residential and community aged care services

Featured Researcher

October 2018

Carolyn Field 

Carolyn Field

Carolyn Field is the Manager of the Horizon Hospital and Health Service (HHHS) within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of South Australia. Carolyn has a strong nursing clinical and leadership background with a focus on paediatrics. She previously led the medication safety program within SA Pharmacy and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and has a keen interest in Safety and Quality. She has previously completed the Practitioner in Residence program from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in the USA. She has led the adoption of medication safety practices into the authentic clinician led HHHS with the introduction of specific safe enteral feeding and medication administration equipment, improved accessibility to on line medication resources, developed the Horizon Hospital and Health Service High Risk Medicine list along with integrated the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (second edition) into the authentic clinician lead simulated HHHS.

Carolyn has recently led the review of the University of South Australia Medicines Guideline – Medication Administration Scope of Practice guide for clinical facilitator and clinical placement venues supervising nursing and midwifery students in safe medication administration. The guideline includes current best practice and legislative requirements for safe medication management.


Recent Publications

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Research Students

The Safety and Quality in Health research group has several research students working on projects as a part of their studies with the University of South Australia.

Students interested in undertaking research with the Safety and Quality in Health research group should check the Division of Health Sciences research section for information on how to apply.

Our Research

The Safety and Quality in Health research group contributes to the Univeristy of South Australia's Population Health, Practice and Policy theme specifically addressing the key priority of improving health systems and services.

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