Allied and Scientific Health News

iCAHE, in association with the Department of Health and Aging SA, publish a biannually newsletter. The newsletter, Allied and Scientific Health News, is aimed at members of all professions associated with health care.

The newsletter features sections such as:

  • Directors report: get an update of everything we've been up to over the last few months
  • Research spotlight: find out what is currently happening in allied health research 
  • Action in Allied Health: get up to date with upcoming workshops and conferences for Allied and Scientific Health professionals


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Newsletters from the last 24 months are available to download below. For older versions (dating back to 2003) please contact 







Autumn 2015
Newsletter (HTML)

Winter 2015
Newsletter (HTML) 

Spring 2015
Newsletter (HTML) 

Summer 2015/2016
Newsletter (HTML)

Autumn 2016
Newsletter (HTML)

Spring 2016
Newsletter (HTML) 

Summer 2016
Newsletter (HTML) 

Summer 2017
Newsletter (HTML)

Autumn 2017
Newsletter (HTML)

Winter 2017
Newsletter (HTML)


Summer 2018
Newsletter (HTML)

Autumn 2018
Newsletter (HTML)



If you are unable to open the PDF links please visit  to download ADOBE.