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Defence and Systems Institute- Future students

Here at the Defence and Systems Institute we offer industry-relevant post graduate education in systems engineering, integration and test & evaluation. We also run highly specialised short courses that can be customised to your organisation’s needs.

In concert with our strategic research plan, we specialise in complex engineering, autonomous, and socio-technical systems. We encourage research students to apply for a PhD degree with us and offer a number of scholarships. Our highly qualified and internationally recognised academic staff are on hand to guide and mentor both undergraduate and Higher Degree Research (HDR) students.

Our expert staff engage with clients in consulting and/or research tasks to solve a wide range of complex technical problems, and have the necessary defence clearance to undertake work of a classified nature.

DASI accommodates both full and part-time HDR students. In addition, DASI staff are also engaged in research activities as Early Career Researchers (ECR.)

DASI conducts a diverse range of research that is broadly applied across several defence and industry sectors. Through this research students have access to high calibre research staff within DASI and its partner organisations such as the Australian Defence Organisation, Commonwealth Government departments and both large and small private organisations.

In addition, DASI is internationally recognised for its research in systems engineering, autonomous and unmanned systems, test and evaluation, and information assurance activities. DASI has collaborative partnerships with several prominent international organisations and universities.

DASI researchers actively seek and have been successful in several nationally and internationally competitive research grants including the ARC Linkage and ARC Discovery grants. These lead to research activities in cutting edge and high-demand areas such as:

  • Systems Modelling,
  • Simulation and Analysis;
  • Systems Technologies and Applications;
  • Systems Methodologies,
  • Tools and Techniques and
  • Systems Engineering Frameworks.

The DASI advantage

DASI's post graduate research degree programs are unique in that they recognise and support the need for truly multi-disciplinary work in the systems engineering field.

DASI's expertise covers many aspects of high level systems engineering and as well as the more traditional detailed engineering topics.

DASI provides both mid-level and senior staff who are, or wish to be, working in systems areas with valuable education and training on a topic of interest related to their duties as a senior engineer or scientist.

This form of education can be regarded as an alternative to the traditional MBA: it prepares engineers and scientists for promotion to higher management in knowledge based organisations in the information technology industry.

You can also view a list of all possible academic programs available at DASI.

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