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Biophysical Characterisation Facility

A boost for medical research

While the availability of whole genome sequences has given biologists an understanding of the building blocks for a wide range of organisms, the next major task is to decipher how these parts are formed and how they interact with each other to form a functioning organism.

City East's Biophysical Characterisation Facility (BCF) is helping keep South Australia at the cutting edge of the post-genomic research landscape by allowing scientists to study proteins quantitatively at a biophysical level. 

The BCF houses a collection of state-of-the-art equipment previously unavailable at one location in SA, including a CD spectrometer, isothermal calorimeter and Biacore TX100.

The equipment allows scientists to examine protein-protein interactions; protein structure, function and stability; kinetic and thermodynamic properties of protein-protein and protein-drug interactions; as well as the molecular interactions of compounds. 

It is this kind of research that is essential, not only to better understand disease and develop innovative new drugs, but also to shed light on the basis behind disease and medicines interaction.

Managed by Dr Emma Parkinson-Lawrence, the BCF is a cooperative venture involving UniSA, the University of Adelaide, the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, the Women's and Children's Hospital, and AIB Labs.

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Key staff

Dr Emma Parkinson Lawrence - facility manager

Management group

The BCF advisory board includes representatives from UniSA, University of Adelaide and meets throughout the year to review progress and recommend strategic initiatives.

Management group members include:

Collaborators and clients

The BCF enjoys productive relationships with a number of collaborators and clients including:

  • UniSA
  • University of Adelaide
  • Hanson Institute (SA Pathology)
  • IMVS (SA Pathology)
  • John Hopwood - Women's and Children's Hospital (SA Pathology)

Facility services

The BCF offers access to the equipment for publicly funded researchers as well as offering contract research services to industry.

To check on the availability of the instruments in the Biophysical Characterisation Facility please click on the links below:


For more information about the Biophysical Characterisation Facility, please email Emma Parkinson-Lawrence.