New feel good international video

We are excited to release our latest video It’s time to graduate! which was filmed at the University of South Australia’s December 2015 graduation ceremony.

Graduation day is a happy one and our intention was to film students celebrating their own graduation as well as capturing that moment when, after years of planning, dreaming and working hard, they finally realise their goal.

The aim is to help prospective international students imagine themselves in the future and begin the journey towards their own happy graduation day. We know this is an important goal for international students as the decision and choice to study overseas is a big commitment for them as well as their families and the communities they come from.

We hope you like it and we welcome you to share it among your colleagues and students. It has also been posted on our social media page if you would like to share or repost it. If you would like a hard copy to play in your office or at events please contact us.

It's time to graduate!

After years of planning, dreaming and studying, a group of international students prepare to celebrate their most important day – graduation!

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