Students must satisfy the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) that they are a Genuine Student and a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE).

Home Affairs may ask them to provide more information or to attend an interview in order to determine whether they meet the criteria for grant of a visa. However, a decision may be made solely on the information provided in their application. You must therefore ensure that you lodge a complete application including a GTE Statement limited to 300 words which focusses on the particular circumstances of the applicant.  

Please refer to the Instructions for your GTE Statement.  We encourage applicants to avoid generic statements and to explain concisely, in their own words:

  • things that are not clear from their application, especially those that present a risk, e.g. gap in studies
  • specifically how the program will benefit them (e.g. improved salary, future career plans), with supporting evidence
  • their incentives to return home (employment rate, financial ties etc).