The University of South Australia will be distinguished for engaging with communities, for addressing multidisciplinary problems in teaching and research, for working in partnership to help build social capacity and community resilience, and for developing in graduates professionalism and good citizenship.  We will build on our strong social mission and commitment to the communities we serve, adding value to the economic and social environment of our society. 

The Regional Engagement Framework aims to maximise the benefits that UniSA delivers and obtains through its regional presence, whilst focusing on the objectives outlined in Crossing The Horizon.  The strategy is built on four key objectives, each with a series of actions to guide the implementation of the framework.

1.  The University collaborates with industry, government and the professions, bringing new opportunities to develop its teaching and research, while providing value to regional business, industry and non-profit organisations.

We will build on existing relationships with the community, local government and other boards, committees and advisory groups to deliver education programs and research relevant to community needs.  We will support economic development and job creation in the region and our graduates will contribute to the economic, social and cultural priorities of the region.      

2.  The University engages with secondary schools and the community to inspire further study and educational attainment in the regions.

We will continue to develop programs for secondary school students in the regions to connect with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and career information.  We will develop a range of engagement and marketing activities to promote UniSA as first choice consideration for all regional students and work with the communities to provide educational programs and resources for high school students and community members.

3.  The University contributes at all levels to the social, intellectual and cultural development of regional communities. 

We will strive for excellence in teaching and research whilst contributing to the social and cultural fabric of regional communities.  We will engage with local communities through public learning activities and use our scholarly expertise and partnerships to build consultancy, contract research and large collaborative projects that benefit the community.  We will offer skill development programs that meet workforce requirements and establish volunteering programs for staff and students to engage with the communities we serve.

4.  The University fosters educational participation and successful outcomes for people from low SES, remote and regional and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, to support the development of community capacity and resilience.

We will build productive partnerships with a range of internal and external stakeholders to deliver a rich and diverse range of Pathways Programs and deliver curricula that take into account the special circumstances and needs of students in regional and remote locations.  We will increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students entering UniSA and work in partnership with those communities to develop the pipeline from high school through to postgraduate engagement.