Dr Norman Swan, bestselling author of So You Think You Know What's Good for You? presents findings from his latest book, So You Want to Live Younger Longer?  Norman's book is the ultimate guide on what you can do at any age to stay young and healthy longer.

Many of us dream of staying as young as possible as long as possible whether we're in our 30s, 40s, 70s or even 80s, and there's a growing Conga line of products and people offering you just that dream. The dilemma is, which of the pills, mental and physical exercise programs, diets and superfoods actually work? Some of them do help to keep us young, healthy and living longer, others may work when the researchers get the potions right and some are a downright waste of money.

So how do you know what and who to trust?

That's the journey that Dr Norman Swan takes you on in So You Want to Live Younger Longer? Deeply researched and written with his trademark wit, common sense and accessibility, Norman brings together what's known, not known, hopeful but not harmful and harmful and not hopeful, summarised with quick takeaway messages backed up by the science and evidence.

No matter what your age, So You Want to Live Younger Longer? gives you the information you need to make your own choices without wasting your time and money or even missing a nice dinner because you might be on a diet that is getting you nowhere.

Norman disentangles our 'Book of Life' - the genes we're born with and what we subject them to later on - and shows that in the search for youth, genes matter much less than you'd think for most of us. In other words, we can overwrite our personal Book of Life and Norman's book will help you do it.

We can live younger, longer - at any age - we've just got to know what to do.

Dr Swan will present findings from his book, followed by an in-conversation with The Conversation's, Misha Ketchell.

Click HERE to pre-order a copy of Dr Norman Swan's book So You Want to Live Younger Longer? from Matilda Bookshop's website and choose Hawke Centre Events Free S.A. Postage as the delivery option. When published in July they will deliver or post (FREE OF CHARGE) your book to South Australian addresses or it can be collected at the event. 

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Pressented on:
Thursday 4 August 2022,
4pm  & 6.30pm 

Allan Scott Auditorium, Hawke Building,
UniSA City West Campus,
55 North Terrace Adelaide MAP

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norman swan

Trained in paediatrics, Dr Norman Swan was one of the first medically qualified journalists in Australia, with a broadcast career spanning more than 30 years. He currently hosts Radio National's The Health Report and co-hosts Coronacast.

He also reports on 7.30 and is a guest reporter on Four Corners; appears on The Drum and is an occasional host of Radio National Breakfast. In addition to being an active journalist and health broadcaster, Dr Swan has a deep strategic knowledge of the Australian healthcare system and is committed to evidence-based approaches to help young people, which is why he sits on the board of the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth.

He was also the co-founder of Tonic Media Network, a health channel that plays in GPs' waiting rooms. Norman’s first book So You Think You Know What’s Good For You? was a chart-topping success and his new book So You Want to Live Younger Longer publishes in August 2022.

Twitter: @normanswan
Radio National: The Health Report
ABC Radio: Coronacast


misha ketchell

Misha Ketchell is Managing Editor of The Conversation, a news and analysis site written by researchers and academics. He was previously editor of Crikey and founding editor of The Big Issue Australia, editor of The Melbourne Weekly and a reporter and feature writer for The Age. More recently he has worked as a researcher and producer on ABC TV's Media WatchThe 7:30 Report and online at The Drum.

Twitter: @mishaketch

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