Our Awards

The Centre has been recognised in various ways for its contributions to public learning and societal advancement. 

2021 - Winner of Week 2 - Best Visual Art & Design Adelaide Fringe Award &
2021 - BankSA Best Visual Art & Design Adelaide Fringe Award

CONTACT commissioned and presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, was awarded the 2021 BankSA Best Visual Art & Design Award at the 2021 Adelaide Fringe and also the Winner of Week 2 - Best Visual Art & Design Adelaide Fringe Award

This exhibition of diverse emerging artists explores the themes of identity, politics, race, migration and modern slavery through photography, painting, installation and video. 

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2019 - Governor's Multicultural Awards: Community sector category

The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre at UniSA were acknowledged with the Community Sector Award for its outstanding contribution to multiculturalism and social harmony in South Australia, as part of the 2019 Governor's Multicultural Awards.

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2019 - Highly Commended UniPromo Award for Excellence in Community Engagement, 
ATEM I Campus Morning Mail, Best Practice Awards

The Hawke Centre was commended for its culturally inclusive approach in its outstanding, free, diverse and accessible public program of lectures. It was recognised as one of the leading institutions in raising many key social issues of the 21st century. The award also recognised our long-term engagement with the community, both inside and external to the University.

2011 - Governor's Multicultural Award: Private sector category

The Hawke Centre was the proud recipient of a 2011 Governor's Multicultural Award acknowledging its long-term institutional commitment to multicultural understanding. It was particularly acknowledged that the Centre's engagement had international reach, presenting guest lecturers from around the world and examining the principles of democracy, diversity, egalitarianism and fairness.

University of South Australia Chancellor's Awards for Community Engagement

The Hawke Centre has been a proud recipient of the Chancellor's Awards for Community Engagement, in 2006, 2004 and a special commendation in 2002.

2006 - International Alert Series: the BIG Issues with World Vision and AusAID

The Hawke Centre was awarded a Chancellor's Award for Community Engagement for the International Alert Series: the BIG Issues which provided a means to generate public dialogue on key issues affecting human well-being, freedom, security and livelihood across the globe.

2001 - Winner of the SA Great Education Award

The Hawke Centre was awarded the SA Great Award for Education in 2001, in recognition of outstanding services to the state, particularly in encouraging national and international focus on South Australia through its public program, gathering notable patrons and contributing to the South Australian community’s knowledge of significant issues. 

2000 - The Australia Day 2000 Community Event of the Year

The City of West Torrens recognised the Barbara Hanrahan Community Tapestry project as the Community Event of the Year, recognising the Hawke Centre's commitment to both the arts and the community.