12 July 2024

Our school holiday sessions will take you on a captivating journey across the Universe. Join one of our highly experienced astronomers as they guide you through constellations, the Solar System and beyond. Marvel at the immense scale of the universe and observe the breathtaking beauty of the night skies projected on the eight-metre domed ceiling. This session features a fulldome movie, 'Tycho to the Moon'.

'Tycho to the Moon' is a show produced especially for the kids - shown on the Planetarium 360 degree full digital dome. Tycho is the dog that doesn't just howl at the moon...he goes there. Blast off on an amazing ride with Tycho and his friends, Ruby and Michael on a great adventure in space. Learn about night and day, phases of the moon, space travel and the lunar surface. See what it is like to play in zero gravity, watch meteors shoot across the night sky, witness earth from space and get a close up look at the sun.

Please note the Planetarium is not suitable for children under 4 years old. If you do bring younger children, we request that those who become restless and noisy please exit the Planetarium with their guardian as a courtesy to other patrons.

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*age recommendation guide only, younger children welcome to attend, however, content may not be understood completely.