31 July 2021

We will recreate the events of this historic landing in the dome of the Adelaide Planetarium with immersive visualizations.  Tour the landing location where the "Eagle" landed on the moon.  Learn what the rocks taught us about the Moon.  How to observe the Moon and how to find the location where the 'Eagle' landed in Sea of Tranquillity with just binoculars.

First steps on another world – The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. This full dome movie commemorates Apollo 11’s touchdown and exploration at Tranquillity Base on 20 July 1969. This remarkable event was a watershed in human history and a technological achievement of astounding proportions: the mission went to the Moon and back with less computing power than a modern smart phone. This brilliant documentary reveals the origins of Werner von Braun, the man who dreamed from age 16 of sending rockets into space, and how his infamous V1 and V2 missiles became the blueprint of NASA’s most famous rocket of all: the Saturn V.

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*age recommendation guide only, younger children welcome to attend, however, content may not be understood completely.

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