28 March - 18 April 2023

Have you ever wondered about the Australian Aboriginal view of how the cosmos came into existence? How did humans and other animals first come into existence? What are some of the origins of Aboriginal place names and geological features? Aboriginal Australians have been looking at the night sky for some 50,000 years. During this time they have been able to build up a complex knowledge of the stars and their movements. How do their observations and cosmotheism compare to the modern scientific worldview? What are the differences and similarities between the contemporary western view of the constellations and the Aboriginal view of the sky above? In this course, hear about the Dreaming and the many stories that relate to the Earth, humans, and Aboriginal view of the heavens above.

We will explore the modern 88-constellations and be able to compare them to the night sky as seen by the first Australians. Come and study with renowned astronomer Paul Curnow and learn about some of the most ancient cultures on Earth.

This 4-week course is adults only; and strictly designed for the adult beginner (due to respecting cultural protocols attendees must be aged 16-years or over). Moreover, it is suitable for adults with limited or no astronomical knowledge who would like to know more about the cultures, night sky and the constellations, as seen by the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia.