Chancellor’s Awards for Community Engagement

* Following consultation with the Chancellor, it was agreed the Awards would not be held in 2019.

UniSA is very proud to officially recognise the value of our University staff and student initiatives that promote social, environmental, economic and cultural development of communities. We do this through the annual Chancellor's Awards for Community Engagement, which reflect the University’s core commitment to engaging with the community.

Award categories
Awards may be presented for innovative projects in the following categories:

  • Best collaborations in building the capability of small and medium enterprise locally, nationally and internationally
  • Best collaborations in contributing to creating more vibrant communities
  • Best collaborations in building human potential across the community through intergenerational approaches
  • Best collaborations in improving the sustainable use of resources

Selection criteria

A community engagement initiative, in any of the four categories, must meet all of the following criteria to be accepted as a successful nomination:

  1. Is an innovative UniSA project
  2. Extends the university’s core values
  3. Promotes the social, environmental, economic and/or cultural development of a community
  4. Demonstrates a significant impact with a tangible benefit to the community through its implementation
  5. Involves a community partnership in its planning, implementation and evaluation
  6. Provides a mutual benefit to UniSA and the partner/community.

Awards and prize money
There will be a winner within each category, and an overall winner also selected. Prize money ranges from $1,000 - $7,000 as determined by the Selection Committee and is awarded to expand winners’ community engagement initiatives.

The selection committee will award winners and determine the distribution of funds to successful nominees and comprises of the Chancellor (Chair), external member(s) of Council and Director: Chancellery & Council Services. The committee reserves the right to not present awards in all categories if there are insufficient nominations.

Eligibility and selection
The awards are open to groups or individuals including academic and professional staff, students or a combination of the two.

Awards ceremony
The 2017 Awards ceremony was held in September 2017.

Past winners
Please refer to the online Staff Awards Honour Board for the list of 2017 winners and previous year's winners.

Nominations are currently closed.

For further information, please contact Phoebe Smith on 8302 9083.