06 March 2023

‘Quality Teaching Rounds: What are they and why are they so impactful for teachers, teaching and student outcomes?’

presented by

Laureate Professor Jenny Gore, University of Newcastle  

Major disruptions to schooling over recent years have challenged what it means to teach, with dire consequences for teachers, students and the wider community. This address provides a strong counternarrative, anchored in data from multiple studies – from case studies to randomised controlled trials – examining the effects of Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) professional development on teachers and students. The evidence is clear – QTR has positive effects on: (1) the quality of teaching, (2) teacher morale, efficacy and sense of recognition and (3) student achievement.

In this presentation, Professor Gore will provide an overview of this high impact approach to teacher development, a summary of the evidence showing its effectiveness and an analysis of the underlying mechanisms that account for why it is so effective.

This presentation is being offered in person and via Zoom.