14 February - 29 April 2020

Seven Siblings From The Future MOD.cast - Season 2

Meet Alex.

Alex is a nurse living in Southern Australia in the year 2050, where permanent healthcare monitors are used to make every day medical decisions, helping people live longer.

In this MOD.Cast, we explore the ethical challenges Alex faces in order to make their version of the future a reality. 

Do you want to know if we will really be genetically engineering our children and sending them to school in space? What about if you’ll be eating completely synthetic and emission-free hamburgers? Sitting alongside our SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE, Season 2 draws on the research of local and national experts to answer these questions. 

MOD.Cast Season 2 was developed by and stars University of South Australia journalism students Anna Day, Meika Bottrill and Madina Jaffari. It was produced by Radio Adelaide’s Podcast Works program, with special thanks to Sarah Martin and Nikki Marcel, along with Research Marketing Coordinator, Elke Kleinig.

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