29 July 2020

According to a study published in the journal Science, four out of the nine planetary boundaries (which define the safety limits for the existence of life on the planet) have been already crossed. Balancing economic, environmental, and social sustainability presents one of the most significant challenges confronting businesses, governments, and societies today. Driven by stakeholder pressures, nearly 80 percent of CEOs now consider social and environmental sustainability as a key strategic area. Sustainability and ethical challenges are increasingly being labelled as the “grand challenges” of our times. COVID-19 provides us with opportunities to reimagine the future.

Join Dr Sukhbir Sandhu, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability and Ethics at the University of South Australia, for this online event as she shares her research on how leaders need to urgently reimagine businesses so that recovery from COVID-19 and maximisation of return on capital can be balanced by imagination, passion, and trust – required to navigate the shift from growth to sustainable development.

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