23 June 2021

AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax, even Sputnik V are all names that have entered into our news streams and conversations, however, encouraging people to get ‘the’ vaccine misses the point that there is not a single ‘the vaccine’ but many different brands of vaccines. Some are available, some are desirable, and some raise concerns.

In this presentation, Professor Jenni Romaniuk showcases her research into exposure to positive and negative information about vaccine brands, and how this exposure feeds into the thoughts and feelings people hold about the major COVID-19 vaccine brands. Across three countries, Australia, USA and UK, Jenni examines how the awareness, attitude and knowledge of vaccine brands impacts people’s willingness to get vaccinated with a specific brand of vaccine.

By understanding how vaccine brands operate in people’s minds, we will be better placed to design strategies and tactics, including advertising, to improve the willingness to get vaccinated with the approved brands that are currently available. Thus, achieving the aim of getting more people vaccinated more quickly!

Professor Jenni Romaniuk

Jenni RomanuikAssociate Director (International), Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

Jenni Romaniuk is a Research Professor of Marketing and Associate Director (International) at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute - the world’s largest centre for research into marketing.

As the key architect behind the Ehrenberg-Bass approaches to Distinctive Asset, Category Entry Point and Mental Availability measurement, Jenni has worked with companies all over the world to help them build stronger brands. She is the lead author of How Brands Grow Part 2 (revised edition to be published later this year) and author of Building Distinctive Brand Assets.  Both explain marketing science to the wider marketing audience and translate the findings into improving brand management and marketing practice.  

In addition to being published in a wide range of marketing journals including European Journal of Marketing, Marketing Letters and Australasian Marketing Journals, Jenni was co-editor of the Journal of Advertising Research from 2014-2016, and now sits on the Journal’s Senior Advisory Board.  She is also on the Executive Advisory Board for the International Journal of Market Research.