06 June - 15 June 2022

Things can be pretty stressful at any time of the year, but this can be more so as we approach exams and the end of the semester. It’s normal to be feeling a bit stressed and we know that sometimes among all the studying it can look like many late nights in front of the computer causing us to feel tired, procrastinating, too much napping, junk food and guiltily binge-watching Netflix – but when should we check in with ourselves or a friend or colleague we’re worried about? And how do we do it?

At batyr we’re all about having positive conversations about mental health and wellbeing and normalising that it’s okay not to be okay.

Join in on the conversation, and hear from a lived experience speaker, learn about how to take charge of your own mental health and look out for others in an interactive session where you will gain practical skills for yourself and your professional toolkit.
See you there!


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