16 September 2021

The Centre for Enterprise Dynamics in Global Economies (C-EDGE) is partnering with Professionals in International Trade (PIT), BDO Australia, and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to present a discussion about Australia's Global Supply Chains: Risk & Resilience.

This webinar will highlight the Productivity Commission’s final study report into Vulnerable Supply Chains, which was released to the public on 31 August 2021. Catherine de Fontenay, Commissioner Productivity Commission, and Jonathan Coppel, Special Adviser to the Productivity Commission, will discuss the outcomes of the study which examined the nature and source of risks to global supply chains.

Following the presentation C-EDGE’s Professor Susan Freeman will lead a panel discussion exploring the experiences of industry experts with supply chain issues arising from COVID-19 disruptions.


Susan Freeman
Professor of International Business
Centre for Enterprise Dynamics in Global Economies
University of South Australia

Susan Freeman is Professor of International Business, Centre for Enterprise Dynamics in Global Economies at University of South Australia. Susan holds a PhD (Monash University, Australia) in international business (IB) and international marketing with over 25 years of experience working with managers, government and industry bodies in IB. Her industry experience focuses on key organisational drivers, especially market opportunity recognition of global start-ups across global supply chains in innovation and new product development in the high-technology sectors. She advises on the Asian region with leading service providers, especially Australian professional service organisations, exporters in strategic thinking needed to address rapid changes, long-term cycles, and implications for senior management decision making and company performance. She consults with larger industry organisations such as the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and UK Trade & Investment on key business challenges, providing data driven reports and policy recommendations to drive strategic change management processes in global supply chains.

Susan is the lead author of the ‘2021 ACCI National Trade Survey’, Industry Report commissioned by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). Professor Susan Freeman will moderate the discussions in regards to global supply chain issues faced by business owners, who have participated in this survey.

For full event details: https://pit.org.au/global-supply-chain-webinar/.

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