15 October 2021

About this Event

This year’s Workshop is focused on the future of competition regulation – how we address the competition challenges arising from ‘big tech’, debating the way forward on merger regulation, and hearing the perspectives of competition specialists from the regulator, the judiciary, and private practice.

Opening address:

The opening address will be delivered by Rod Sims - Chair, ACCC.  Rod will also answer selected questions from attendees. Please submit a question (link below) for Rod about the future of competition regulation for him to answer at the Workshop.

Keynote address:

Regulation of Big Tech:
Professor Fiona Scott Morton

 Professor Fiona Scott Morton

 Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics,Yale School of Management




The format of the day will be as follows:

The Workshop will be conducted ONLINE in a workshop style format, involving a keynote address, Judicial address, Mergers panel brief and Q&A.

Please note that there will be a small registration fee of $50.00 for this event in 2021.

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